We have been experiencing internet outages that also includes our phone. The internet company is working to bring us back online. I am sorry for any inconveniences. << New text box >>

Any specific closings or cancelations will be posted here. We will also do our best to call each student in advance.

Cancellation/Closing Information 

The classroom sessions will be canceled if there is a "Travel Warning or Travel Watch" in effect and the office will be closed; otherwise we will have our scheduled classroom session.


Driving will be canceled if there is ice or ice accumulation, freezing precipitation or a "Travel Warning or Travel Watch" in effect; otherwise we will drive in snow and rain, provided the instructor feels that it is safe. If you are not comfortable with your student driving in these conditions please advise us and we will reschedule the driving session affected. 


If a classroom session is canceled due to weather conditions or if you do not want your child to attend a classroom session due to weather conditions, missed classroom sessions will be made up at a later date to be announced.


Online Classes are available throughout the year and can be completed at the students own pace. Once the online course is completed the student will begin their driving with the next open session that begins the first Monday of each month. Students will typically be scheduled to drive not more than 1 time per week.


Driving is available throughout the year at our Terre Haute location. We will be visiting Clay and Vermillion Counties to complete driving during the school year following a specified scheduled. 


Due to the increased volume of students completing the online course the availablility of classsroom sessions will be limited. You can find a list of these sessions by county on the Classroom Schedule page.