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Sammers Driving School
2225 Wabash Ave
PO BOX 3361
Terre Haute, IN 47803

Phone: 812-229-4161

Since 1993
Since 1993
Serving the Wabash Valley for over 25 years!!
Serving the Wabash Valley for over 25 years!!

Students cannot complete more than 1 hour of behind the wheel instruction per calendar day. Students may be permitted to schedule 2 sessions per week depending on current numbers of students actively driving. This may also be affected by practice at home between lessons. 


Online students please call our office as soon as you have your permit to begin scheduling drive times. 


Classroom students may begin scheduling drive sessions on or after the 1st day of class once they have their permit.


Please call our office @ 812-229-4161 to speak to the classroom instructor or your driving instructor about scheduling drive sessions.


Most drive sessions will last 2 - 3 hours unless prior arrangements are made. This allows students opportunity to drive and observe. 

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