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Since 1993
Since 1993
Teaching Teens Sammers To Drive Driving Since 1993 School Celebrating "25" Years
 Teaching Teens                        Sammers       To Drive                               Driving      Since 1993                           School                      Celebrating "25" Years


Driver Education and Obtaining a Permit

      1) Students must be 15 on or before the first day of class.

      2) Students who are not yet 16 must be enrolled in a driver education in order to obtain a driver education permit.

      3) Students may obtain a driver education permit 3 weeks before the start date of a class they are enrolled in, however, the permit is not valid until they have completed 1 hour of classroom or driving.

      4) Students must take a written examination to obtain a permit.

      5) A CDE form is required by the BMV to show proof of enrollment in a driver education course. This form will be distributed to enrolled students no sooner than 3 weeks of the start date of enrolled class.

Obtaining a License

1) Hold an Indiana Driving Permit for a minimum of 180 days.

2) Minimum age requirement is 16 yrs and 180 days if a certified driver education course has been successfully completed.

     a) if a driver education course has not been completed the age requirement is      16 yrs and 270 days.

3) Successfully pass a "Driving Skills Test".

     a) the "Driving Skills Test" may be taken at Sammers Driving School if the student completed our driver education course. This may be scheduled within a month of the licensing age. There is an additional fee for the "Driving Skills Test".

     b) or it may be taken at the BMV for no additional fee.


Jupitergrades: Online grade book used for our classroom. A username and password will be provided to each student on the first day of class.


Crash Related Statistics: IUPPI has recently released research findings summarized in a series of fact sheets on various aspects of traffic collisions, including alcohol-related crashes, light and large trucks, dangerous driving, children, motorcycles, occupant protection, and drivers. Their research also includes a county by county fact sheet with findings related to each area of research. 


Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles

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